In the event of illness or your premature death do you think that your family has adequate monies to survive?

These days, everyone could do with more money, so imagine how it would be in the event of your death or you suffering a long term illness. It is not something you want to think about and hence the reason that most people do not have adequate cover in place.

However, with the proper planning and help of Stewart Financial Management Limited, you can take the necessary action to protect your family finances.

If you have a mortgage, this would normally be protected by suitable life assurance provision. However, to protect your family lifestyle and provide sufficient monies for day to day expenses, serious consideration should be given to having additional financial protection.

As Stewart Financial Management Limited is totally independent we can help provide solutions to provide monies to: – maintain comfortable living standards, education costs, holidays etc…

You will be surprised at how little suitable provision actually costs therefore allowing you ongoing peace of mind with regard to your family’s financial security.

Stewart Financial Management will provide suitable independent advice on:

Life Assurance
Critical Illness
Family Income Benefit
Inheritance Tax Planning
Income Protection
Private Medical Insurance
Suitable Trusts